Sell Your Domains

If you prefer to quickly flip your marketplace approved domain names versus sitting on them for months or even years, let me help. is the newest and only marketplace that specializes in “flipping” BrandBucket, BrandRoot, and Namerific approved domains.

The process is simple.  First, submit the approved domain names via the contact form on this page.  Please be sure to include the marketplace, the suggested price (the median price which can be adjusted by +/- 20%), and your asking price.  Once submitted I will respond within 24 – 48 hours as to whether I believe your domains would benefit from being listed on the site.  Secondly (assuming your domain/domains get approved), I will list them on the site and begin promoting them (adding $5 – $10 to your asking price; this is how I get paid).

Once your domain/domains have sold you will receive an email which includes the buyers registrar and marketplace information.  Once you’ve successfully transferred the domain in both the buyers registrar and marketplace account and the buyer confirms receipt of the domain/domains, you get paid via PayPal (current PayPal is the only payment option available).  It’s that simple.

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